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We have partnered with Identogo by Idemia!

If you are looking TSA PreCheck,

TWIC, Hazmat, or FTSP you can enroll by following the link below: 

TSA Enrollment | TSA Enrollment by IDEMIA (

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach Customer Service 



8am - 10pm Eastern

Monday - Friday


101 US Rt 130 S 

The Presidential Center

Madison Building - Suite 302

Cinnaminson NJ 08077

This business complex is located between the Dunkin Donuts (Rt 130 S & Cinnaminson Ave) and the Hallmark Motel.  It is across the street from PepBoys, and Wawa (Rt 130 N and Church Rd). The buildings are yellow and white and are occasionally mistaken for apartments. 


Yes, we do take walk-ins! 

Lost your receipt? Can't figure out how to find your status update? Here's the link. Enrollment sites do not have any information about your status.  Service Status | TSA Enrollment by IDEMIA (

Here's a link to the IdentoGo HELP page for TSA PreCheck/TWIC/HME/FTSP: 

TSA Enrollment Help Center | TSA Enrollment by IDEMIA (

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