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Simon Says.. Drug test Collection Edition

Updated: Mar 6

Time is precious and surely you have other things to do today besides sit around for hours, waiting to do a drug test. If you follow these simple steps, you're likely to get in and out, in 20 minutes or less.

  1. Arrive on time, and "ready to go"

  2. Leave your personal items in your car. Be sure to empty your pockets.

  3. Wash your hands

  4. Give the Collector your driver's license

  5. Pick out your cup.

  6. Urinate in it.. (not on it.. )

  7. Do *NOT* FLUSH! (Simon didn't say)

  8. Hand the cup to the collector.

  9. Simon says, you can flush and wash your hands now

  10. Complete the paperwork.. sign here, inital there . and

Thinking about trying to cheat? Don't. In our next post, we'll explain what happens if a collector suspects you of trying to cheat, and what happens if you fail the test..

Until then..

- the I-C-U-PP team

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